Fabric Level 1 Poster


Fabric Level 1 Poster

18" x 24" Full Color. 100# Gloss Poster.




This is the 1st poster in a series of 4 posters (Levels 1-4) that give a full and complete curriculum to learning the art of aerial fabric. The curriculum is called the Born to Fly Curriculum. This poster summarizes the skills covered in The Aerial Fabric Manual Volume 1


Goals of Level 1 Silks: The goal of Level 1 is to introduce a student to the foundational skills of silks (aka aerial fabric). A descent amount of grip strength is required to start this level. The specific skill set acquired includes proper shoulder positioning, footlocks, basic climbs, concepts required for crossback straddle (which itself doesn’t actually appear until Level 2), hip key and more. The majority of the sequences take place on footlocks. The hip key and knot can be great positions to explore when the ankles have had too much pressure for the day. A large part of each class should be devoted to developing the core and upper body strength required for inverting, which is required to move up to Level 2 Silks. 


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