Hoop Manual Volume 1 (Paperback)



Hoop Manual Volume 1 (Paperback)

Full color manual. Perfect bound paperback. 102 pages.

In this first volume of the Aerial Hoop Manual series you will find over 600 pictures to help depict over 50 families of moves which are explained through detailed step-by-step instructions. Students will gain an understanding of where the content fits into the big picture of aerial hoop. Teachers will be assisted in learning how to properly teach progressions, grip choices and much more. 

Choreographers will appreciate the philosophy of exploration and the ways in which it is encouraged. This manual covers foundational moves, basic inversions, under the hoop moves, mounting the hoop, beginning and intermediate moves in the hoop, as well as beginning transitions. Bonus pages include articles on how to choose the right hoop, as well as the physics of the hoop.

Co-authored by Rebekah Leach and Julianna Hane, this book is beautiful! Not only informative, it’s a pure work of art. It belongs in every aerial dance library for both reference and inspiration. 


"This is a fantastic manual.  I am still very much a beginner to aerial hoop and the ways form is explained in this manual make so much more sense than what sometimes we get in a class or other review.  I downloaded this yesterday and read halfway through so far.  My pull up practice this morning alone has already improved so much.  Wow, such a difference.  Thanks already!" - Bukki Sittler, aerial student


"I'm an aerialist and aerial teacher in madison wisconsin.  i just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for all your work.  i find your manuals wonderfully done, and particularly appreciate the fine attention to detail--and focus on safety/spotting.  I fell in love with your manuals when i first found the aerial yoga manuals. (i'm unnata certified, but still go back to your manuals for inspiration).  i just bought the aerial hoop manual and am again so happy with this resource.  i really enjoy having a way to describe shapes/poses in relation to each other.  you do a magnificent job relating all the materials and naming them consistently.  also the photos are clear and always beautiful.   thanks again for all your work!!  (you are an inspiration to all aerialist mommas as well.)"
jess clark


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