The Aerial Rope Manual Volume 2 (Paperback)



The Aerial Rope Manual Volume 2 (Paperback)


Volume 2 covers advanced building blocks such as front balance, back balance, break beats and meathooks. It then weaves an intricate web of transitions between all the major moves of rope. This book focuses special attention on hitches, including seatbelts and rolling in u-locks. The book concludes with an introduction to momentum. Perfect for anyone who is starting their advanced rope journey.

“This manual is truly a great achievement! By collaborating with a variety of rope teachers and technicians, Rebekah has created a comprehensive guide to foundational rope technique, theory and curriculum.  The way the information has been broken down and categorized will serve as an invaluable resource for both students and teachers alike. My own involvement in this process encouraged me to deeply investigate and challenge my own ideas of progressions and pathways, something I’m so grateful for.” 
                      -Master Rope Teacher Alex Allan
“Whether you’re just getting started on your aerial rope journey or consider yourself a seasoned traveler, I highly recommend adding Volume 2 of the Aerial Rope Manual to your training toolbox! Volume 2 delves beyond the basics of Volume 1, with tips and insights from Rebekah and her knowledgeable team of assisting coaches. Especially exciting is the final chapter on momentum pathways and beats—skills whose very nature makes them hard to pin down! The Aerial Rope Manual Volume 2 will make a welcomed addition to your aerial reference library.” 
                      -Master Rope Teacher Molly Graves

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