Aerial Dance Studio Directory

To be listed on this site, we are looking for dance companies, dance studios and teachers that lean more towards dance rather than circus, but we also recognize the necessary overlap of the various artistic disciplines. That said, for the most part, we like to post anyone who does aerial dance stuff in  a responsible fashion so that this can be a valuable resource for the aerial dance community. 

If you are part of group that likes to get together and hang upside-down (in a responsible, organized fashion), or you know of one that can be added to this site, please consider becoming a member and then add the studio. Thanks!

Disclaimer: This studio directory is open to any and all studios who focus on aerial arts. Studios are NOT checked for safety, teaching methods, etc. It the responsibility of the student to become knowledgeable about the aerial arts and do homework prior to visiting each studio. Sad to say, but some studios do not practice the safest of methods. You can check on certification of studios through ACE and the certification of individual teachers through our sister site, No matter where you go, use caution, and watch for safe practices. For more about how to evaluate a studio upon entering, read the recommendations on our blog.