Terms of Use


The "we" in this terms of use refers to the founders and all people involved in the creation and upkeep of this site. This includes Rebekah and Matthew Leach, as well as many other contributing artists. The "you" in this agreement refers to YOU (the member, subscriber).

By purchasing a membership, you agree to give us your first born child and oh - wait, no - that's not it. You agree to the terms of use set forth in this agreement. 


We reserve the right to terminate any membership for any reason at any point in time. 

We are likely to terminate an account for the following reasons:

1) Posting content (photos or video) that includes nudity or any inappropriate content. Around here, we are fairly modest, and we would like to stay that way. Also, this site is about aerial dancing, so if you are posting pictures of your granddaughter or grandmother, and she's not aerial dancing, well...we recommend you head over to Facebook. Thanks. :)

2) Posting negative comments. One important purpose of this site is for aerialists to encourage and support each other. If you are criticizing, rude or using inappropriate language in your comments, your comments will be deleted and you may lose your membership access.  We appreciate constructive criticism, and aerialists welcome feedback on how to improve, but keep it polite! And better yet, include positive in with the negative. 


As part of your registration, you are required to fill in certain information including name, address, e-mail address, etc. The reason we need this information is two-fold: 

1) Paypal requires this information in order to set up an account. 

2) We will use this e-mail address to contact you regarding your account. We are not responsible for mis-delivery, deletion, or other breakdowns in the internet pathway between us and you. 

As for this private information that you provide, we will never sell it, shout it on the streets or release your information in any way unless instructed to do so by a goverment official. The other case we will share your information is if you are in the category of someone who posts threatening, abusive, you-name-it comments, and we feel it is necessary for someone's safety to release your information. 


Members set up a paid subscription on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Paypal handles the subscription. We are not responsible for any failures that happen through paypal. If you are unable to maintain an account with paypal, and therefore not able to pay your membership fee, then you will not be able to purchase a membership. While we would like to help, errors in billing should be typically be addressed with paypal. You are also responsible for everything involved in gaining internet access to view your account. 

In order to cancel your paid membership, you must access your paypal account and cancel your subscription. Within 48 hours of canceling your subscription, your account will revert back to the basic (free) account. If you would like to cancel a basic account, send us an e-mail at info@aerialdancing.com and we will close the account.


Go to "Profile." Then "MyMoney." Your preapproved payments should be listed. Click "update." Click on the merchant: "AerialDancing.com." Click "Cancel." 



All posted material is subject to copyright laws.

As part of the terms of use, you agree not to duplicate, copy, or in any way give away the content of this site. You can, of course, show off a new variation of a skill you learned in your next performance, but you cannot create your own video that replicates our video move-for-move, especially for anything regarding sequences and choreography. This material belongs to the creators.

We have one exception:

We DO give permission for you to use sequences and choreography in your aerial classes and workshops AS LONG AS you credit the source, and AS LONG AS you are not posting a video of the content. For example, we have full length aerial yoga classes demonstrated for teachers to use in their classrooms. At the beginning of the teaching of the material, or on pamplets that list choreographers, let students know where the content is coming from. All choreography on this site comes from Rebekah Leach unless otherwise stated. 


Your membership belongs to one e-mail address, and only the owner of that e-mail address is allowed to access the site. Your membership is not transferable, in life or death. In the event we receive a receipt of death, the account will be deleted. 


Understand that the purpose of this site is NOT primary training. This site is for supplemental training. Here's what this means: Our recommendation will forever be to learn from a live professional. Training books and videos may supplement training but are not meant to be a substitute for live training by a qualified person. It is best to have a trained professional physically present can spot you and watch how you set-up for movements. They will be able to correctly identify if you are ready for moves, as well as stop you if you are about to get yourself into danger.

It is also recommended that you practice at all times over crash pads. If you are climbing above five feet on rope or fabric, have a ladder or other means available for a spotter to help get you out of a tough spot. 

We have no role in examining the proposed location or configuration your rigging or the precise ways in which you will use it. All rigging needs are specific to the individual and it is your responsibility to find a qualified rigger to assist in the installation your apparatuses at your place of use. It is vital to your safety that this person be fully aware of prescribed industry methods and standards for assembling load-bearing equipment. 

The founders of this site and all persons associated herein, accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, accident or death caused by any of its products whether directly or indirectly. It is the responsibility of the individual to take the necessary precautions and to minimize the danger. Use this site at your own risk.

If you do not want to accept full and unconditional responsibility for your use of this site and any consequences caused, please do not purchase products from this site.

If you have suspicious activity to report, please contact us at info@aerialdancing.com.