Can I pay for just one month of full access to the site?

Access to our site is subscription based. We do not have an option to pay for just one month at a time. In order to have full access to our videos, you need to have an active subscription (either monthly, bimonthly or yearly) that is linked to your paypal account.  

If you would like to sign up for a month, here's what you do: Sign up for a monthly membership. Take note of the date and then cancel your membership before the next month's payment is due. 

In order to cancel your paid membership, log in to your paypal account and cancel your subscription. Within 48 hours of canceling your subscription, your account will revert back to the basic (free) account. 


Go to Settings (gear icon) Then "Payments." Then "Manage Automatic Payments". Your preapproved payments should be listed. Click "update." Click on the merchant: "AerialDancing.com." Click "Cancel."  

I just became a member. How do I access the video library?

Awesome! You now have a membership account. Now, what you need to do is upgrade your membership. As long as you upgrade to any paying membership (monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly), you will have access to the video library once payment is complete. Log in to your account and then go here to upgrade your membership.

How do I get my studio listed in the studio directory?

Good news for you. All studio listings are free and can be completed through the free basic membership. Simply register for a basic membership, make sure you are logged in and then go the studio directory page. Click on "add my studio" and add your studio information.

I have an event that I would like to post on this site. How can I do that?

Fabulous! We love having events posted on this site that reflect what's going on in the aerial community around the world. In order to post an event, create a membership account. Anyone can add an event. It is a feature included with a basic, free membership. Once your basic account is set up, log in and you can post events under the "my events" tab. ***This has been recently changed. This feature used to be for paying members only, but that's no fun. Now, anyone can post their events!***

I love the videos, but life is busy right now and I'm not using the site. How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your current paying subcription, enter your paypal account and do the following:

Go to "Profile" then "MyMoney". At this point, your preapproved payments will be listed. Click "update." click on the Merchant: AerialDancing.com. Click cancel.

If you have any trouble with this, let us know and we can help out. Note that your account will not be closed, so you will continue to remain on the mailing list, and you are welcome to return for another subscription at any point. If you would like your entire account to be closed, e-mail us with that specific request.

I live outside the US/Canada. How can I purchase one of your aerial dance manuals?

We have recently started shipping internationally. If you place an order with an international address, we will invoice you for the additional necessary shipping amount. If you live in or near the UK, we recommend purchasing our manuals through Firetoys (http://www.firetoys.co.uk/). If you live in or near Germany, we recommend purchasing our manuals through Schenkspass (http://shop.schenkspass.eu/DVDs-and-books). You can also purchase manuals through Lulu. They have printers all over the world, and shipping prices are much better than what we could provide for international shipping. Tip: Occassionally, they have some awesome deals and you can get our manuals at fabulous discounts.

Do you offer teacher training?

YES!!!! We have been putting much time and effort into developing a world-class curriculum that uses Rebekah's books and teaching theories as the basis. As of January 2015, we have just launched the Born to Flyâ„¢ Teacher Training Program!!! Check out the new website devoted solely to teacher training and support: www.borntoflyaerial.com.


Do you plan on writing an advanced aerial silks manual?

In short, yes, but not anytime soon.
There's a long story to that question, so here goes: When I wrote the intermediate fabric books, I thought I was going to write the advanced manual next. I had a ton of momentum  - I was going to charge ahead and write an advanced one as soon as I was done with the intermediate fabric books (which is why I alluded to it in the intermediate manuals). But, then I got pregnant. It was an unplanned, wonderful surprise. :) In the end, the timing of events worked out perfectly - couldn't have planned it better myself - but it did mean that I lost momentum on the fabric curriculum. Instead, when I was healing from birth, aerial yoga made the most sense. I went on to aerial yoga, then hoop, and now I am obsessed with Rope. I am working on a rope manual series, which is going to have a lot of moves that overlap with silks. I'm actually going to use the rope books as a basis for building my fabric curriculum off of. It just makes sense seeing as how with rope, you can't split the ribbons - so rope is everything you can do with the fabrics together, and then I'll branch from there in the advanced fabric that I plan to write one day...but not for a while. I also want to work on a trapeze book before I land myself back at fabric books. ALso, I would like to revise my fabric curriculum as it stands now (beginning and intermediate fabric books). That way they will flow better into the advanced manual when I do get around to that one. I also feel its important people have a better foundation of fabric before they jump into more advanced work. I want to build a stronger founation for fabric through writing aerial knot/sling books which will focus on conditioning and preparing the body for advanced technique. Unfortunately, so many aerialists head into advanced moves before they are ready, and so I want the community to be better equipped before I release an advanced silks book...which I totally plan on writing - I promise - just not anytime in the near future. Hopefully it is worth the wait. :) 

Where can I buy aerial equipment?

Most of the equipment in our videos comes from Aerial Essentials. I especially like the colors of fabric they have available.  They have a wide range of aerial products plus a great staff helping you find what you need. But, we also want to let you know what's out there and what your options are. We do not sell equipment, but here are the people who do (no affiliation with this website):
Aerial Essentials
Aerial Fabric Acrobatics
Aircat Aerial Arts
Custom Built Equipment
Nimble Arts
Spitfire Aerial Equipment  
Suspendulum Portable Rig  
Trapeze Arts
Trapeze Rigging