Beginning Aerial Fabric (Paperback)



Beginning Aerial Fabric (Paperback)


This manual includes over 250 pictures describing steps in detail to over forty beginning moves on silks. This manual is perfect for teachers and students alike. Focusing on injury prevention, this book highlights common mistakes so that you can be a more effective teacher or spotter! Refresh, review or add on to your skills with the aid of this book. 

This book covers footlocks: single footlocks (where only one foot is locked, the other ribbon is free), double footlocks (both feet are individually wrapped), and basic footlock moves (where one foot is locked with both the fabrics together). It also includes an introduction to the hip lock (a.k.a. hip key), as well as various climbs.


"Wow, you've put together an awesome publication Rebekah! I'm so excited to get into it. This will be an invaluable reference. There are many tricks I've never seen - what a service to have documented it all! The photos are beautiful and I really like that you call out students and peers for innovating moves. The book is timeless yet also captures this time in the art." - Jamie Bishop, aerial dancer

"Hey there! I just bought your Beginning Aerial Fabric Instruction Manual, I just read through the first few pages and I love it! Thank you so much for creating the manual. I never had this in-depth instruction when I first learned aerial. For the ball exercise I was basically told to tuck in a cannon ball position and hang upside down. I was able to do it naturally, but I didnt have the instruction of what your neck, should and back needed to look like for that exercise."  ~ C.W., aerial dancer

"I am really enjoying the beginning aerial silk instructor book and am excited to integrate these ideas into our classes--mad respect and gratitude"! ~ Joy Des Anges, aerial instructor

"This is a great starter book for aerial silks. Simple and concise instruction and clear visual back-up. Once I got to know and understand the basic silks' vocab I easily picked up the moves and turned them into physical knowledge." ~Miles Robins


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