The Aerial Rope Manual Volume 1 (Paperback)



The Aerial Rope Manual Volume 1 (Paperback)


A revolutionary series on vertical aerial theory, The Aerial Rope Manual series contains the core ideas of a rope curriculum, exquisitely organized, beautifully documented, and written about in detail.  A must-read for practitioners of either rope or fabric, these manuals connect wraps like never before.  Rebekah Leach uncovers the major concepts hiding behind every move and will highlight valuable teaching moments as they appear in common moves.  

Volume 1 covers beginning-intermediate moves, derived from the foundations of rope such as the hip key, footlock, S-wrap, opposite-side and same-side wrap.  With over 75 moves presented in almost 1,000 pictures, this is Rebekah’s most dense manual to date.  You’ll find over 20 climbs presented, as well as detailed progressions such as that of the double knee hang.  Learn the different ways you can rotate around the rope into arabesque with a study of grip choices, and then apply the idea to rotate around the rope in toe climbs!


"Another amazing book! All of the insights into the theory make this book a valuable resource even if you aren't a rope artist." 

                                           ~ Clayton Woodson, co-founder, Circus Building

"Rebekah's latest book is her best one yet! Chock full of theory, teaching tips, and of course fun moves, this is a great resource for anyone passionate about rope and fabric."

                                                      ~ Jordan Anderson, co-founder, Aerial Fit 




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