The Aerial Sling Manual Volume 1 (Paperback)



The Aerial Sling Manual Volume 1 (Paperback)

126 pages. Full Color. Perfect-Bound Paperback.

Written step-by-step with pictures and detailed instructions at every step, this book includes everything for a student’s first year on sling. Please click on the preview link for a peak inside the pages of this high-quality manual.
This manual features:
  • over 150 moves and transitions on sling
  • over 1,000 pictures detailing the steps and strategies of each move
  • insight and valuable ideas on how to make select moves harder for those ready for the next level
  • 16 sample sequences that you can practice or teach
  • 2 curriculum cheat-sheets to reference as you cover material of this course
  • tips for curriculum planning, teaching methodologies, and spotting



"The Aerial Sling Manual Series reveals fascinating insight into Rebekah’s fabric brain! An inspired aerialist who demonstrates creativity and precise technicality, Rebekah has a natural, down to earth approach to teaching; this book will give you more ways to use a loop of fabric than you ever thought possible!”
 - Kate Edwards,
Director of Spin City Aerial Fitness
“Rebekah’s manuals are the industry standard. Her careful curation of skills and thoughtful progressions are exactly what anyone needs to build an effective program. They are clear, succinct and thorough. 
“As a traveling instructor and aerial coach, I see a great variety in the effectiveness of aerial programs. Those studios and individuals who use Rebekah’s materials tend to have a clearer sense of levels, progression and balance of skills.”
 - Jenn Bruyer
Aerial Coach and Performer
“Rebekah has done it again with her long awaited Aerial Sling Manual. Sling is a difficult topic to explain on paper, but she has conquered it! The manual includes clear images, direct instructions, sequences at the end of each chapter, transition charts, and layouts to describe the flow of her curriculum. She has taken a complex subject and made it accessible for aerialists and fabric lovers. Thank you Rebekah for adding to the knowledge base and ever-growing vocabulary of the aerial world.”
  - Karlene Linxweiler
Owner of Kama Fitness Studio and Kama Fit TV
"The Aerial Sling Manual Volume 1 is an incredibly useful guide for beginning students, as well as the most advanced practitioner. The information is categorized in such a way that it is organized, clear and precises. I not only appreciate this book for the skills, vocabulary and methodical demonstration, but more importantly, for the driving concepts behind aerial movement that it instills. The sling concepts established in this manual, synonymous with my own teaching pedegogy, are crucial in the early stages of aerial training. This books doesn't just show you 'how' to move your body in the sling, it explores the 'why' and 'when.' I am looking forward to future Aerial Sling Volumes!!"
  - Holly Ann Jarvis
Aerial Sling Instructor

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