4 Elements of an Unstoppable Curriculum

As a mentor of aerial teachers, I am often asked this question:
How do I develop a cohesive aerial curriculum for my studio?  I just don’t know where to start.

This is a huge question. While the iceberg itself is tackled in my book, The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook, I wanted to help you out with a tip of the cold rock here. Let’s outline a few core principles:
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Aerial Dance = A Lifelong Pursuit

Susan Murphy has had a profound influence on my work in aerial dance, and I am thrilled to introduce her to the AerialDancing.com community.  Susan began training with Terry Sendgraff, a gymnast in California who saw potential for expression in the air.  Terry is credited with inventing the single point dance trapeze and starting a movement of self expression and healing through aerial dance.  As one of her proteges, Susan has performed her work at Lincoln Center and currently tours with Girls on Trapeze, an all-female aerial troupe whose work, Herself Rising, recently won Circus Now’s International Contemporary Circus Exposure competition in 2014. If you’ll be in New York January 8th, 2015, you should check it out! Susan will be performing a solo about her grandmother and great-grandmother with plenty of other fabulous pieces from the company at the show. Also Upcoming: Susan is also hosting a retreat this September 2014 at her studio. (See the end of the article for more on that!)

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Aerial Teaching…More Than Meets the Eye

Have you ever wondered why some teachers are so inspiring? Or have you thought

about how you can become an inspiring teacher? Aerial teaching is about so much

more than knowing the steps to tricks. Great teachers have several qualities that make

them stand out from the rest.

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