Aerial Teaching…More Than Meets the Eye

Have you ever wondered why some teachers are so inspiring? Or have you thought

about how you can become an inspiring teacher? Aerial teaching is about so much

more than knowing the steps to tricks. Great teachers have several qualities that make

them stand out from the rest.

Experienced – Great teachers have a high level of knowledge in their field. They are

excited about their profession and continue to do their own research. While many

recreational teachers do not work with advanced students, they still understand

beginner and/or intermediate level work inside and out. This knowledge comes from

experience and training.


Safety Conscious – Great aerial teachers are vigilant with rigging standards, spotting

students, and managing a safe space. They seek to expand their knowledge through

attending workshops, reading, and discussing safety with others in the field.


Self-Aware – Great teachers know who they are, how they teach, and what types of

students are drawn to them. They understand what they truly value and teach what

they live. Every teacher has a different perspective on the field, and this is a good thing!

Many perspectives mean that more students gain access to our art form.


Caring – Great teachers remember what it is like to learn something new, and

remember how they worked past their own fears and mental blocks. They care about

students, effectively communicating their knowledge and motivating them to work

toward their goals.


Learning Centered – Great teachers know how to get you from where you are to where

you need to be. They know how to create a plan with clear goals, but also know how to

improvise when the plan does not suit.


Reflective – Great teachers reflect on their own teaching practice because it makes

them better. They celebrate their successes and understand that mistakes are

great learning opportunities. At, we now offer a Remote Teacher

Assessment Program where you can submit video of your teaching and receive feedback

from experienced colleagues.


Service Oriented – Great teachers are willing to share their knowledge with others and

invest in their students’ success. They help students set and meet goals, and honor their



Do you have other thoughts on what it takes to be a great aerial teacher? Please share

your comments below!


Julianna Hane serves on the Advisory Board of and is currently writing a book on aerial teaching philosophies.  Having taught in private studios, K-12, and higher education, she is passionate about the art of teaching.  Julianna is the founder of Revolve Aerial Dance in Charleston, SC where she teaches, performs, and choreographs.  For more information, visit her website at


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