Share the Video Library LOVE and Earn Affiliate Money!


Update: We are extending this program through the month of MAY for anyone who didn’t yet receive a coupon code for April.

We would love to offer everyone who is supporting a studio ONE MONTH FREE ALL-ACCESS to our video library here at And we want to do that through studio owners and teachers (so talk to your studio or aerial teacher and ask them for their affiliate code or send them to this blog to get started!).  If you are a studio owner or aerial teacher, please connect with us to partner up in supporting each other during this crazy time. Read below for details.

WHY do we want to do this?

Here at, our goal is to be the resource, NOT the teacher. Our material serves the community much like a textbook serves a college course. We provide over 1000 in our organized skill library, but our goal is not to teach these skills. We don’t call our videos “tutorials”. We believe the very best form of teaching aerial is live in-person training in small groups whenever possible.

During this season when live training is not possible, we believe that grounded-based conditioning is the best way to approach training. We feel that studying skills and taking time to break them down in ways you might not be used to are going to be valuable for keeping up the encouragement and motivation for grounded training.

We want to support that to continue during this time by offering you one more way to study aerial during this season.

I would love to offer this to your students as well! If you are interested, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Studio Name
  3. Studio Location
  4. What you like about  (why you want to partner with us).
  5. (Optional) A picture of yourself or students that we can use on social media with your social media handles that you would like us to tag or websites that we can direct students to. Let us know what you want us to promote for you — such as online classes, etc.

You will receive a coupon code specific to your studio to hand out to your students. (I recommend including it as a bonus for those who continue to support your lessons online.) They will be given FREE access until MAY 30, 2020. For those who continue with a paying membership in the month of May, you will receive 50% of their first payment to support your studio!

If you are not currently a paying member, you can use this referral program to earn your way to a membership! For every 3 sign-ups that come in with your referral, you will earn a free month of membership yourself.

Fine Print: In order for anyone to quality for the free month of membership, their membership must be new or have not had a membership as of January 2020. Anyone who already has a current paying membership will not be refunded or granted a free month. The free month will be during the month of MAY only. No matter when the upgrade occurs, all free memberships will return the basic status as of JUNE 1, 2020.  To count towards your earnings, they must have sent in the affiliate code at the beginning of their free upgrade.  There is a limit of $1500 in earnings on the affiliate commission. More details to follow as you join our program. Happy Earning!


1 thought on “Share the Video Library LOVE and Earn Affiliate Money!”

  1. Your Name: Rosa Pagani
    Studio Name: CircArts
    Studio Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia

    What you like about and why you want to partner with us.

    We currently use and have found the resources invaluable, particularly in streamlining our coaching language at the studio, but also when we are injured and cannot demonstrate, it allows us to continue coaching as we can still show students the skill, then verbally talk them through it. It was imvaluable when I had a car accident two years ago!!
    I showed students skills to give them an understanding of why we were doing certain drills and conditioning.
    I also love the PDFS and detailed explanations, particularly families of skills. We frequently do ‘how many skills do you know in this wrap’ challenges.

    We will be doing ‘virtual choreography’ challenges and asking students to pick skills and link them together, and we will perform them for them. Also skill recognition challenges. ‘Identify skill X in 3 different routines on youtube, send us the link and time code’

    Hapoy to provide photos for you to use! Our social media handles are @circarts
    Website is

    We will be offering empowering online classes for students of all ages from 3-68+ in many circus disciplines.

    In addition to this, I just wanted to say thankyou for your generosity and support during this time. I actually cried with relief when I saw your post. If there is any way I can support you, please let me know.

    Thankyou, with all my heart.

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