NONE to ONE Pull-Up Program: Week 5

This week is the first week of our new phase! In the first phase, it was important to gradually build strength by using light resistance bands to do a pull-DOWN motion which mimics the pull-UP action we were heading towards. The idea of the first four workouts was to gradually increase the resistance in the band and simultaneously increase the variety and intensity of the upper body workouts.

In this second phase, we finally enter the pull-UP land. One thing to keep in mind-no matter what strength goal you are working towards-is to avoid jumps in progressions that are too large. So, the last thing we want to do at this point is jump to full pull-ups. It is vital to make things easy at first so that we can check in on our alignment. Set that up right, and you will soon fly. Have patience. The worst thing is flying without properly set up wings. ((I see it everyday in aerialists across Facebook and YouTube. Please don’t be one of them.))

pull up assist

In order to give our muscles proper assistance, the tool of choice is a pull-up assist band. Here’s a link to what I bought on Amazon. The higher the resistance, the easier the pull-up will be, so choose an appropriate weight. Better yet, get a set so that you can vary your workouts. If you happen to get a band that is too easy for you, great! Use it to do one-arm pull-ups!

Loop one end of the band over your pull-up bar and then step into the other end from standing on a chair. Be careful when exiting – I caution because I learned a few lessons the hard way. Having one of these things rubber band you across the room is not the goal of the exercise.

Watch the video below for how to use your pull-up assist band plus a great shoulder exercise that feels so oh-so-yummy! You’re going to want to do it everyday once you get your groove with it.


week5 shoulder




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