NONE to ONE Pull Up Program: Week 3

The theme this week is connection through the core from the upper body down deep into the hip flexor. While the goal of the program is to be able to a pull-up, it is best – no matter who you are – to be connected through your core.  And to do that means that the hip flexors must get on board.

Rather than isolating each muscle group individually, the more of your body you can work at one time, the better! (Granted, there’s a time and a place for everything.)  To be able to move all around aerial apparatuses, you need many muscles to be working at the same time and supporting a whole-body integration. So, that’s where why we are multi-tasking this week. We’re going to do some pull-downs while lifting the legs.
When we do the pull-downs, the focus this week is also to add more variety. While the main exercise is not too different than last week, making this small shift can have a huge impact. While staying in a rut can be more comfortable (we like to stick with habits and what we know), studies have shown that the body plateaus after doing the same thing for a period of time. It is important on a physiological level to give your muscles new pathways to work through. Instead of simply doing a linear pull down, try a zig-zag line as you pull down. This brings more challenge into the workout and you’ll notice your brain has to be more involved as well. Again, this will support your aerial work beautifully.
Lastly, we end with some classic shoulder stretches. Stretching while your muscles are warm, (prime time being after a good workout) is the BEST way to make flexibility gains. This is always my favorite time. I feel like it’s my reward at the end of the workout. I love feeling my muscles lengthen and open. In the video, look for the chicken wing stretch if you don’t already know it!
I hope you are enjoying these videos. We will have one more workout with the resistance bands and then we will move on to our next phase. Work hard so that you are ready to increase the challenge.

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