NONE to ONE Pull Up Program: Week 2

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Again this week we are working with a resistance band looped over a pull-bar. This week I decided to back-track a little and talk about what kind of pull-up bar I like. I am a firm believer that every aerialist who doesn’t have a trapeze in their house should have a pull-up bar. Even though I’m not using the bar directly at this point, I will soon, and it is the surest way to help build healthy grip strength.

Speaking of healthy grip strength, my first big idea this week is to work with the resistance bands until you feel your grip wear out. The resistance should still be light so that you can focus on your shoulder positioning. It’s all about building healthy habits and you can’t do that with too high of resistance.

Although we want habits, we don’t want ruts, so instead of repeating the same motion over and over, you’ll see me change it up. What I do isn’t as important as the fact that I am wearing out my grip, while working my upper body and while I am exploring a varying pathway. This last point is important because varied patterns better reflects what you will be doing in the air OR if it’s something you’ll never do, then you are cross-training. Either way, your body needs it. Your upper body should be comfortable moving through a million pathways not just one or two.

After the pull-downs that have variety to them, the next task of the week is to perform the exercises without any weight. I love this part. Your body should feel light and as if you are floating through the pathway. What I want you to do here is to capture that light feeling. Once you get stronger, it will be easier to feel light. One day, that feeling of lightness is precisely what you could feel as you pull your entire body up! The mental aspect of this is just as important as the physical. This may sound weird, but when I get close to a physical breakthrough, I have dreams about it because it’s in my head just as much as it is in my body.

The next aspect of this week is to cover the classic injury prevention move: the external rotation of the shoulder with bent arms, moving through the transverse plane. Keep the resistance light to keep the muscle engagement in the rotator cuff rather than the deltoids taking over. Next, I show you a unique variation that may be one of those things that’s just for me, but I thought I would share. What I do is: Rather than rotate my hand outwards, I keep my hand where it is and move my body. Since the arm is not having to activate to pull on the resistance, it feels like it is able to focus more on the job that I actually want it to do: which is work on stabilizing. I wish I knew more about anatomy and kinesology to justify my intuition, but unfortunately, all my studies in movement have come simply from what feels good and works! And so I’m sharing what has worked for me. It may work for you and it may not.

The rest of the video after that shows me enjoying using the resistance band to stretch my shoulders. Some of the angles work to give me a stretch, and some are a flop, but I like to explore and see if I can find new ways to stretch and get into those shoulders.

I’d love to hear from you if you have an explorations that you have found working for you, etc. Feel free to comment or send me your thoughts at:

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