The Artist Athlete Podcast Feature: The Creative Process with Fred Deb (Ep 9)

We are excited to be sharing a podcast feature brought to you by Shannon McKenna. I downloaded about 10 episodes for a recent road trip and immediately felt like I had an old aerial friend with me in the car. It was connection, nostalgic, and funny.  This was the first podcast I ever heard where I could say — this is my tribe. These are my people. It was a weird sensation. One of the podcasts I felt uncommonly connected to was this one that features an interview with my very first silks teacher, Fred Deb. In fact, most of us aerialists in our 30’s who have been doing silks for more than 10 years had Fred Deb as our teacher early in our training. It makes the community really small, and really connected when you stop and think about this. Fred Deb is a beautiful French artist who used to travel to Boulder, CO for the Aerial Dance Festival and teach all us hungry kids the ways of silks. Here is an interview that reminds me that my thoughts were shaped so much by the people that came before me as I arrived into this aerial world. But these thoughts also give you permission to be yourself, to find your own way. It’s a creative art form, after all.  –Rebekah

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Shannon can’t speak French but you know who can? Aerialist, choreographer, and master teacher Fred Deb. Fred is one of the founders of aerial silks as an apparatus and has been called a “precursor to French contemporary circus.” In this episode, Shannon asks her about her career, the evolution of her teaching, and her creative process. Stay tuned after the interview to hear Shannon wrestle with the question of aerial dance vs circus.

Fred Deb:

Find her on instagram: _fred.deb_

About her company, Drapes Aerians:

Information about the French Aerial Dance Festival:


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