The Aerial Rope Manual Vol.1 is DONE!

For the creation of the Rope Manual series, I collaborated with Rain Anya of Paper Doll Militia and Allie Cooper. Here’s what Rain has to say about the rope books:

I had such a blast collaborating with Rebekah during the creation process of the Rope Manuals! We explored connections and relationships between foundational wraps, and in the process came across some new and exiting discoveries about the “way of the rope.” After working on this book I can honestly say I have a whole new appreciation and understanding for the simplicity yet never-ending process that rope lends itself to.  There are so many different ways that an aerialist can approach using a rope. There’s the open and simplistic types of movement which look so amazing on the stark and striking image of a single rope. There is the twisty turny type of rope work that relies entirely on the artist’s grasp of transitions and connections between wraps. With all these exiting options, it was a challenge to organize the material in a way that would be easy to use and digestible in a manual form. Our goal for these books was for them to be a comprehensive reference book which is organized in a intuitive and and exiting way.

Looking at what we’ve created, personally, I know I will use these manuals often in my own rope training and instruction.  We’ve added a lot of little tips and tricks for you teachers out there…we hope it’s helpful. Some of the more commonly used aerial moves are broken down and analyzed to the degree that you may find yourself saying out loud “oh! I never thought of it like that” or “THAT’S why that works.” We invite you to explore the progressions and connections that we are presenting in these books, and then go find your own. These books are a great jumping off point for becoming a certified “rope dork” just like Rebekah and myself. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


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