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Calling all aerialists who have been through pregnancy! We want to know what it was like to be you. What sorts of things did you have to change when you found out you were pregnant? What sorts of crazy things were you doing up until the day you gave birth? The crazy thing is that every story is different, so there’s no way I’m looking for a “one-size fits all” story.

By gathering different stories, we can get a glimpse into the unique way that someone who is high on movement approaches pregnancy. For some, it means giving up movement for 9 months. Some feel ready to do this – as they fall in love with the kid that comes at the end of it. For others, pregnancy is a tortuous time. Others find it amazing. Most people experience both emotions and everything in between.

My goal is take all these different perspectives – your perspectives – and add them into the book that is brewing on the editing shelf: the Prenatal Aerial Yoga Manual. Although aerial yoga sequences are the main focus of exercise, the book is an approach to being pregnant as a mover no matter what form of aerial you practice. The book is designed for teachers who are looking for more information about prenatal exercise so they can better coach their pregnant students. And of course, this book is designed for all aerial women who find themselves pregnant – whether it was expected or unexpected – and they are curious about what others before them have experienced.

If you have ever been pregnant and you are an active practitioner of the aerial arts, we invite you to take place in the country’s largest data collection ever attempted on the topic of pregnancy as an aerialist known to this author:


The survey will take a bit of time, so set aside about 20 minutes or more, depending on how thorough you would like to be.

All entries need to be in by January 31, 2016. The results will be in the upcoming book as well as posted on our discussion board for members of AerialDancing.com.

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