NONE to ONE Final Week: Make it Count

The theme this week is to ADD WEIGHT when you do your workouts.

If you are feeling weighted down already, it may seem counter-intuitive to add weight. You might be saying, “Rebekah, I already can’t lift my blubber butt in the air. Why add weight and make it all the worse?”

It probably will feel worse when you have the weight on. But the first thing you’ll notice is that you might feel a little silly. Perfect! (Remember last week’s discussion?) Try your hardest. That is all I ask.

Now for the moment of glory. Take the weight off. I give you the gift of flight like you’ve never tasted it before. You will feel lighter than you’ve ever felt before.

This is a training secret I heavily used (get it – heavily used) when I was first starting to learn aerial fabric over 10 years ago. I would put on ankle weights, wrist weights and a waist weight and then I would climb stretchy fabric if you can believe it. And I mean the super stretchy climb. That kind that no one ever climbs on in recreational classes because it takes 7 climbs to get off the ground and discourages everyone. Yup, that’s the best kind of training ground. You climb that with weights on and there’s no wonder why I could fly around on non-stretch fabric after my muscles grew back.

Here’s the last video that I made for our pull-up series. Good luck on your pull-up journey!

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