How the Magic Back Hammock Came to Be

I love creating new moves. Typically, I create moves through systematic logic and by categorizing, exhausting all combinations and possibilities. (When people come to study aerial with me, this is what they come for.) But sometimes, moves just happen upon you out of happenstance. I have heard many serendipitous stories from aerialists about how they came across this move or that move. Well, today, you get to hear how I caught my own lucky unicorn of a move, with the help of Allie Cooper.

As you probably already know, I have been documenting aerial rope (corde lisse) moves with the help of Rain Anya and Allie Cooper. When Allie flew out from California to South Carolina (where I used to live) to help me film some moves for the Aerial Rope Manual, I was pregnant. Please don’t think of me as forever pregnant. At present, my son is a walkin’ talkin’ toddler, and Allie is the one who has a big fat belly if you can believe it! She is actually due this month – June 2016! So, as you watch this video, pretend Allie is preggo and I’m the skinny one.

I have been slowly working my way through the hundreds of rope videos that I filmed with Allie Cooper and Rain Anya. I have finally arrived at the back hammock series, which has just been released into the video library. Among the series is a brand new move, which was created completely by accident. Listen to the interview to hear the story.

As you listen to the interview, see if you can tell the difference between these two pictures:

back hammock to ss wrap (A).00_00_21_08.Still003rope coverVol1 3-6-15 - Copy



Hint: The picture on the left above is the traditional back hammock. The picture on the right is the magic back hammock (as dubbed by Allie Cooper and myself).

For those of you with a paying membership, you can view the full video of the magic back hammock by going to the video library. Go to the rope category and scroll to the bottom of the page. (You’ll be scrolling a while. We have over 125 rope videos now!!!!)


In the comments below – Feel free to share your crazy story of the cool move you made up and how you stumbled across it.

4 thoughts on “How the Magic Back Hammock Came to Be”

  1. Hello Rebecca
    do you have some videos, which i Could see at home with my hammock and have a fully practise?
    please let me know
    best regards Claudia

    1. Sorry i am again
      i cant find the button where the Entrance it to see the video an pay for it
      how much it si?

  2. Claudia,
    Yes! We have full length aerial yoga classes in the hammock. I use them to practice at home, and get ready for teaching classes. They are very nice. Please do keep in mind that when learning new things, if you have a local teacher, that is best. But if you are a teacher yourself, these classes are great to get new ideas!

    Hope that answers your questions.

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