Rigging Accident in Ringling Bros. Show

Rigging Accident in Ringling Bros. Show

As you have probably already heard, 8 “hairialists” fell in a Ringling Bros. Rhode Island show over this past weekend.  We are all shocked and send our prayers to the performers and families. We are grateful that every performer is alive and on the road to healing. As you can imagine, everyone in the aerial industry is curious how this rigging accident happened so that we can all question our own rigging and make sure that we are holding ourselves to the highest standards of safety.  A Ringling Bros representative has announced that it was a carabiner that broke. The OSHA report will hopefully explain how and why the carabiner broke so we can all learn from the incident. Continue reading “Rigging Accident in Ringling Bros. Show”

Improv Prompts: Explore Your Style

explore your style

Improvisation is the act of creating without having a plan. It is what we have to do every day in conversations, in solving problems that life gives us, and many more situations that arise out of our control. Learning how to not only think on your feet, but enjoy it and be relaxed about it is a valuable life skill. So join me in exercising your improv skills: Go give yourself the gift of some yummy improv time. If you want to upload your moves, you have a chance to win a FREE month of membership here at AerialDancing.com. Either way, my goal out of this is to encourage you to play more! Read more in this blog. Continue reading “Improv Prompts: Explore Your Style”

Test Your Knowledge of the Rotator Cuff

I have had the grand joy of introducing many beginning students to the art of aerial dance. The first thing that I get on my soapbox about is injury prevention. I say that “the shoulder is to an aerial dancer as the foot is to the ground dancer.” When I say that, the dancers get it. The ankle is the most often injured part of the body for ballerinas. Traditional dancers are on their ankles day in and day out, dancing on it. For an aerialist, you are on your shoulder day in and day out, dancing all around it. Therefore, it just makes sense that the shoulder would be the most often injured part of the body for aerialists. Continue reading “Test Your Knowledge of the Rotator Cuff”