Announcing Our NONE to ONE Pull-Up Program

Let’s start a conversation about pull-ups, shall we? Surprisingly, you can get away with doing much of aerial without ever being able to do a full pull-up, so let’s check it: How are your pull-ups coming along these days? And especially – how is your form? Can you do one but your shoulders come up, etc? If you can’t do any at all, this is a good time to start! Join us as we launch off on doing 8 progressions towards your first – or better – pull-up. Let me tell you a little bit about why I started this program.

I wish I could do aerial as much as I dream about it, but I haven’t had my own aerial space to practice in since 2009 (although that’s about to change this year!). I actually manage 99% of my aerial training with home workouts. Since I have a full household of activities that keep me from working out, I have to be efficient when I do manage some time for a sweat. When I workout, it’s gotta count and be effective. It is with all of this knowledge and experience that I created a series of aerial workouts you can do at home with a pull-up bar.

After the birth of my second child last year, I was at my weakest in years. I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life and so what did I do? Put it on video of course! I’ve never minded people seeing me weak and vulnerable. ….Uh, so this first video shows where I am at now. Just to set the record straight. I don’t live in “I can’t do a pull-up” land. I have VISITED that land and I have come home. So, before we get started on where I have been, let’s just set the record straight. Home workouts work. You can get your first, or second, or 50th pull-up, by getting some equipment at home and going for it. These next 8 weeks will help show you how.

This intro video shows the RESULTS of workouts that were EFFECTIVE. Tune in next blog to see where this journey started!!

Or if you can’t wait, you can already view WEEK 1 in our Video Library.



Please comment! We’d love to hear from you. Let us know where you’re at with pull-up strength and where you want to be.

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