Featuring Erin Ball: An Overcomer

Erin Ball has been a member of AerialDancing.com since January 2012. (She is one of our original members!) At that point in time, Erin was like any other aerialist-you know-has all limbs, practices on a variety of aerial apparatuses as well as performs grounded work with yoga and acro partnering. She still does all these things minus the “has all limbs” part, but who needs those anyway?  In this article, Ryah Cooley has captured the inspiring story of overcoming. 

Written by Ryah Cooley

Most people would consider aerial dance to be a full body activity. A strained muscle or even a fabric burn in a sensitive place can put aerialists out of commission for a few days, but Erin Ball doesn’t subscribe to that kind of limiting. Continue reading “Featuring Erin Ball: An Overcomer”

Took a Break? Returning to Aerial Shape


As I(Rebekah) am currently 7 months pregnant, I find myself reflecting back on my journey back into aerial shape that I wrote about after the birth of my first child in 2011. You may recognize the picture above from a blog I posted a few years back. These pictures were taken in February and August of 2011. I am about to make that very same journey this year once I have this baby, and so I am encouraged by hearing other “returns to aerial after a break” stories. Ryah Cooley is one of those aerialists who have a story to tell. If you are also one of those who took a break for any reason, be encouraged! If it feels hard, you’re not alone. Read below as Ryah shares from the heart.  Continue reading “Took a Break? Returning to Aerial Shape”