Hoop Manual Volume 2

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Full Color. 130 Pages. Downloads in PDF format.


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NEW FEATURE: Live links included!!! Video links are included on nearly every page allowing you to be taken directly to the video that corresponds with each move that is covered in the book. Note: You must be a paying member to have access to the videos. 

In the Aerial Hoop Manual Vol.2 there are over 1000 pictures in this beast of a book. Study advanced ways to move under the hoop with classic moves such as meathooks, heel hang and toe hang. Hone your technique of the shoulder stand and splits all around the hoop in chapter two. Throughout the manual learn more about aerial theory and the big picture of how moves relate to one another in the "about this move" descriptions that accompany every move. 

There are chapters specifically dedicated to single point lyra and double point. In those chapters, you will learn the unique set of moves that can be done with one or two rig points, respectively. Once you have those moves down, turn to the chapter on transitions for fresh ideas on connecting the puzzle pieces.

Bonus material in the book includes tips on spotting and the last two chapters introduce you to partner work. These chapters cover mirroring, stacking, weight sharing and more. They have a different color layout and are easily distinguished from the rest of the book. Be inspired to create your own choreography, solo or duets, on this beautiful aerial apparatus. This book is artistically and beautifully done. In this book that includes more text and more in-depth descriptions and more color than any book yet written by Rebekah Leach, you will find aerial hoop beauty on every page.

Here is some feedback from aerialists who helped review and edit the book: 

"WOW!!! I love the new Hoop Manual!!! The layout is so inviting, clear and concise. Your love of aerials, years of experience and enthusiasm jump off each and every page. Which reminds me - I've got to start training on a hoop. Lol!" ~ Lorraine BA

"There are lots of different ways of thinking about moves and really getting into my hoop brain to work out what is possible! I love unique transitions and I agree with what you write - I feel they really make for interesting hoop! I truly loved it." ~ Kate Edwards, author of the Spin City Aerial Hoop Bible