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Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Edition where absolutely everything has changed except the author! 

This manual used to contain just over 250 pictures in 99 pages. Now it contains over 780 pictures in 163 pages. It's dense and it's thorough. This book contains everything that a beginning student will cover in their first course on aerial silks (which typically is about one year in length). It includes but is not limited to injury prevention exercises, grounded conditioning, aerial conditioning drills, and step-by-step instruction of all the skills, with proper prerequisites and progression planning all in one book!

This manual is perfect for teachers and students alike. Focusing on injury prevention, there has been a new section added on how to take care of the grip and shoulders. It's important to self-massage the tissue, stretch your shoulders as well as your wrists, and even stretch your nerves to care for your growing aerial physique! Don't miss this section and continue doing aerial in a healthy manner your whole life.

More coverage is given to spotting techniques, continuing to be the best companion for silks teachers everywhere. This book is required if you are undergoing the Born to Fly Silks Teacher certification. Refresh, review or add on to your skills with the aid of this book. 

"Wow, you've put together an awesome publication Rebekah! I'm so excited to get into it. This will be an invaluable reference. There are many tricks I've never seen - what a service to have documented it all! The photos are beautiful and I really like that you call out students and peers for innovating moves. The book is timeless yet also captures this time in the art." - Jamie Bishop, aerial dancer

I am really enjoying the beginning aerial silk instructor book and am excited to integrate these ideas into our classes--mad respect and gratitude! ~ Joy Des Anges, aerial instructor



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