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seatbelt back-dive

Apparatus: Trapeze
Level: Level 2

Terminology lesson here --> I call this outside seatbelt when the apparatus wraps around the legs/thighs and comes up on the front side to cross-over the lap. Since the trapeze bar is on the outside of the wraps, this is outside seatbelt. If you climb up catcher's on trapeze, you land in inside seatbelt, because the bar lands closer to the body than the ropes of the trapeze. 

From outside seatbelt, you can cross the ropes and thread your body inside. Then, treat the wrap as if you are in a front hip balance and going into trapeze catcher's. Hook the back of the knees and climb over your wrap. From here, you can back dive. McKinley shows how to walk it down before going through the motions of the whole drop. This is classified as a teddy bear drop because you can slow down the drop by pressing the backs of your arms into the ropes as you slide backwards.