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flamingo (s-wrap trap)

Apparatus: Fabric/Silks
Level: Level 1

This move is originally known as Rebecca's Split, named after it's creator, Rebecca Leonard of a Girl in the Sky Productions. After calling it that, some of my students thought I had named it after myself because I happen to have the same name, so I had to come up with another name. I called it the flamingo because the flamingo likes to stand on one leg, just like you do at the beginning of this movement.

While I hate to keep changing it's name, I have recently decided that "s-wrap trap" helps to set-up better understanding for theory purposes in the long-run. The underlying wrap is an s-wrap that traps the other silk. 

Master this move and it can progress into a series of other poses that originate from this same entry.  Be sure to check out the flamingo starfish, flamingo vertical hang, flamingo scorpion, flamingo knee hang, supported bridge, and sea horse to see all the skills that build on top of this move!

Also know as:

Rebecca Split


Marionette (layback) to Rebecca Split