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cash climb to hip corset

Apparatus: Sling
Level: Level 2

This utilizes a fabric classic to get the crossing behind the back -- the CASH climb. In fact, if you have a pair of silks hanging, it's not a bad idea to practice the crochet climb from the ground to the top over and over prior to working on this skill. That's the prerequisite that all my students must undergo before practicing this transition here. 

Using the CASH climb method, this gets the first crossing around the back. Then, lever-leg up and reach for the second silk to cross behind your back. Make sure that you are plenty high enough so that the loop of sling can clear your head and now you have it at your waist. Slide down into hip corset. 

Up-next: You can use the crochet climb to exit the hip corset as well! But that's for another video...