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kneeling leg seq

Apparatus: Sling
Level: All Levels

This sequence is focused on stretching. Because of that, it is important to realize the proper context in which to do this kind of sequence. It should be done after a warm-up. This means after movements that heat up the body and prepare it to head into stretching like this.

I felt very tight and rusty during pregnancy so I was craving these sorts of sequences. I filmed this at 4 months pregnant, but just because I was pregnant, I wouldn't say there's anything in particular "prenatal" about it. It will depend on person to person whether this is right for them during pregnancy. You may not want to have a pregnant woman focusing on stretching this much. I was very flexible prior to heading into pregnancy, and this was simply me maintaining - not gaining - flexibility.

It's important to put everything in its proper context for safety. thanks!