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Digital Download - An Aerialist's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Download

90 pages. Full color. Downloads as pdf.

When a women who does aerial gets pregnant, especially for the first time -- there can be many questions about training: Can I continue? What can I do/not do? How will this change my training regime? Will I get my body back? When? 

There are no easy answers to these questions. What a women needs most is to hear from the variety of stories of those who have gone before her. This book shares the journies of many differen women. And it tells it all. For some, they need to stop completely. For others, they trained up until the day they gave birth. No matter what your journey looks like along this spectrum, this book will give you a look at the possbilities. It will inspire you and encourage you. Ultimately, it will help show you how to answer these questions for your own unique body. 


Here's the experience from a trapeze artist, April Skelton during pregnancy: 

"My ego is already chomping at the bit to get back to my normal aerial activities; my mind says: the ego is big and slippery and a liar. In an aesthetic field where faster and flashier are the winners, what place is there for longevity, nuance, health, and process? The most physical challenge of my life, giving birth, sits just in front of me, but my ego wants the sexier thing--aerial. I was so fortunate to get an opportunity to review Rebekah Leach 's book on aerial and pregnancy (and postpartum recovery) this past week. It steadied my resolve to invest in the process, take my focus off the 'goal,' and fully be here now, going deeper into what my body is able to show me when I pay attention to the present."