Hoop/Lyra Cards


Hoop/Lyra Cards

Quick Reference Cards. 287 Full Color 4x6 Cards.

Perfect for planning out your next hoop piece or planning a year's lyra curriculum. Used in teacher trainings and as a tool to launch an act, these cards are going to be your new best friend. At less than 50 cents per card, these cards are worth the price. They include every hoop move from both of the Aerial Hoop Manuals as well as additional moves that aren't pictured in the manuals! The moves covered include every classic (and not-so-classic!) hoop move from the very beginner, basic moves through many intermediate moves and some advanced moves. NEW FEATURE: The level is indicated by a colored triangle in the corner of the card. The color is easy to spot from the side as you gather up the cards. 

Cards include:

5 Title/Intro/About Cards

1 Card with Ideas for Games

270 Hoop/Lyra Poses

6 Bonus Cards for Shape Changes - use with the choreography games or make up your own!


Each Pose Card Includes:

Title of the Move

Picture of the Move

Brief Description

Manual where the move can be further researched

**NOW in the NEW EDITION**  Level of the move




"I just purchased your lyra cards and am always so excited to see you put out something new! It really serves as a fantastic guide for teachers and I use all of your materials to help keep my instructors on the same page. Thank you so much for all that you create!" ~ Brianna, studio owner