Intermediate Fabric Part 2 (Paperback)



Intermediate Fabric Part 2 (Paperback)



This manual has full color pictures of every step to describe more than 50 moves and their variations. This series is a must-have for serious students of aerial fabric.

Part 2 includes step-by-step details of various drops as well as how to start connecting ideas. This is a great reference for those who are just starting to work with drops on the fabric, as well as for those who are interested in choreography. The last chapter is one of the most meaningful in the series as it shows how the various fundamental ideas of fabric can be applied in new ways.

"Well done Rebekah. I really enjoy the way you break down each movement into parts of the body that are engaged. It's a good structure. It has also enabled me to clarify, when teaching, why certain moves work and what the subtle differences are between entry methods. Thanks. Can't wait for the advanced one!" ~ N.R., aerial dancer

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