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Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration, I thought we’d share a little lovin’ with our favorite aerialist of all time: Christine Van Loo. She is sweet, warm-hearted, a wonderful coach, an inspiring performer, and she recently made a visit to Headquarters. Yay! Christine was in town for a performance with Cirque de la Symphonie and we snagged some time with her. We filmed several new moves and some sequences that will be posted over the next couple months. In fact, the first one is up as of today! For those with a paying membership, check it out here. (Please note: you must be logged in to your paying account for the video link to work.)

Christine Van Loo has a resume out the door. It’s really almost pointless to talk about. I mean – she has her own wikipedia page – ’nuff said. One of my personal favorite highlights is when she made this video:

I must have found this video a few months after she posted it because the year was 2008. I was still learning what silks I could from any means available since I lived out in the middle of no where with no teacher, and this was one of the YouTube videos that I found. It was so inspiring! As I am a visual learner, I learned so much from this video. I didn’t learn any moves from it – in case that’s what you’re thinking! – but I did learn an element that I value even more than learning moves: movement quality. From watching this video, I learned what silks could look like. They can be so beautiful, so fluid, so flawless in execution. It was inspiring and encouraged me to train hard on my silks.  I had a super stretchy red silks that helped to give my movement quality that extra grace and smoothness. Training is challenging on super stretch, but it’s so worth it for that extra quality of movement that it gives to a performance.

Meeting Christine a few years back was such a joy and treat because she had been such an inspiration to my early years on fabric. Working with her this month on the video project was icing on the cake. Can’t wait to finish editing the videos and let you all enjoy spending some virtual time with Christine over the next few months!

What Christine is Up to These Days

Christine Van Loo is living the aerial dream. She has recently set up shop in Costa Rica. Christine and her husband Jonathon, are transforming the main house into a dream home which will be their permanent place of living. They have plans for an aerial deck overlooking a magnificent 900 foot waterfall and the place sounds like absolute paradise! For more information about their dream come true, visit: I can’t wait to run a retreat there myself one day! Talk about being inspired … Christine is still at it!

 To learn about Christine Van Loo’s adventures, visit her website

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  1. Hi Rebekah! I just found this page and wanted to thank you for the super sweet thing you wrote about me. Thank you so much. It was really fun working with you on this.
    We are doing great here in Costa Rica. Just finished construction and renovation or Airborne Arts and we’re planning our first aerial and flying trapeze retreats.. I hope you can come visit us some day.

    PS. For some reason the link to on your page isn’t working.

    Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

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